House bread
16 ₪
tomato salsa and olive oil
Soup of the day
36 ₪
Healthy salad
46 ₪
sprouted lentils, pumpkin seeds & roasted almonds, tomatoes, red onion, parsley, cranberry, olive oil and lemon
"Eggplant "knafe'e"
53 ₪
open fire rousted eggplant, feta cheese, mozzarella and parmesan, baked in "kadaif" rap and served over tomato coulis and yogurt. Roquette, cranberry and almond garnish
Hame'iri" tomatoes"
54 ₪
garlic confit, grilled onion, fresh oregano, parsley, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, egg, roquette, spicy pepper, "hame'iri" cheese, olive oil and lemon
Fried calamari
53 ₪
crispy coating
Chicken wings
45 ₪
12 pieces stir-fried in caramel chili and green onions
Roasted "old style" eggplant
47 ₪
har bracha tahini, garlic confit, olive oil, egg, parsley and sundried tomatoes.
Beef fillet carpaccio
54 ₪
balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Atlantic sea salt, roquette and grana padano cheese
Market style Arborio risotto
52 ₪
varies along with the market
Habank" diced salad"
46 ₪
cucumber, tomato, red onion, parsley and carrot with "har bracha" tahini

Tabon oven

Focaccia sini'e
53 ₪
house spiced lamb, "har bracha" tahini, cherry tomatoes and roquette
Margarita pizza
48 ₪
house tomato sauce and mozzarella
Extra toppings
onion/black olives/green olives/mushrooms/tomato/spicy pepper – 5 nis feta cheese – 8 nis, bacon – 13 nis
Habank" shawarma"
52 ₪
sliced chicken, onion, parsley and cherry tomatoes with house spices, served on flat "lafa" bread and "har bracha" tahini


Served with a side green salad
Asado sandwich
61 ₪
long & slow cooked asado meat, veal stock, pickled lemon aioli, grilled onion and tomato
adam cheese/sunny side up egg/ poached egg – 8 nis
Sloppy Joe sandwich
59 ₪
minced veal stir-fried with rousted onion, BBQ and caramel chili, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato
adam cheese/sunny side up egg/ poached egg – 8 nis
Bagel toast
48 ₪
adam cheese, egg, sundried tomatoes and garlic aioli.

Eggs benedict

2 poached eggs over brioche bread with, hollandaise sauce and green salad
66 ₪
slices of salmon and cream stir-fried spinach
67 ₪
slices of crispy bacon
Sloppy Joe
66 ₪
minced veal stir-fried with fried onion, BBQ and caramel chili
64 ₪
cream stir-fried spinach
64 ₪
stir- fries mushrooms and cream


Salads served with our the house bread
58 ₪
tomato, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, croutons and "feta" cheese. Olive oil, za'atar and lemon dressing
Cesar salad
57 ₪
romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken cutlet, croutons and grana padano cheese
Haloumi cheese salad
59 ₪
mushrooms, carrot, onion and green onion, stir-fried in caramel chili and served on lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with fried haloumi cheese

Main course:

Potato gnocchi
68 ₪
in cream and mushrooms with parmesan
Ricotta ravioli
68 ₪
in cream and mushrooms with parmesan
Chicken cutlet
59 ₪
grilled chicken breast in olive oil and spices, served with steamed rice
Habank" schnitzel "
59 ₪
fried golden breaded chicken cutlet, served with french fries
Spring chicken
69 ₪
grill rousted and served with caramel chili over steamed rice
Fillet of fish
92 ₪
white wine, lemon, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, garlic confit, parsley and oven baked potatoes with garlic and thyme
Salmon fillet
92 ₪
grill seared and oven rousted, pickled lemon paste, served with green beans and spinach
Sea food risotto
95 ₪
shrimps, calamari and clams in butter, cream, bisque, coconut cream, garlic confit, fresh coriander, parsley and parmesan
Shrimps potato gnocchi
92 ₪
shrimps and gnocchi in classic sauce of white wine, butter, garlic confit and lemon, garnished with parsley
Fillet of beef radiatori pasta
89 ₪
pasta and beef fillets with butter, fried onion, mushrooms, garlic confit, green onion and parsley. Beef stock, cream and parmesan sauce
Habank" burger"
66 ₪
250 g' beef burger, bun, veggies and French fries
Burger toppings:
fried onion/adam cheese/mushrooms/sunny side up egg/ poached egg – 8 nis bacon – 13 nis
Cordon bleu
89 ₪
breaded chicken cutlet filled with bacon, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh oregano and mustard, served with mash potato and mustard cream sauce
Entrecote skewers
98 ₪
250 g', served with baked potato, grilled onion and chimichurri sauce
Side dishes
rice, mash potato, green beans & spinach, green salad, baked potato, French fries